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Beatles: guitar tab and chords for I'm Only Sleeping, Revolver

    I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles

    From the album: Revolver

    Transcribed by Howard Wright
    hakwright (at) gmail (dot) com

You need to tune down a semi-tone (half-step) for this, so you play standard 
chord shapes for Em, Am etc but they will actually be a semi-tone lower 
(i.e. Ebm, Abm).

All chord shapes are given at the end.

They're all pretty straight-forward chords, but remember that after both of the
middle eights the first chord of the verse is E7 not Em.

Verse 1:

Em                          Am
When I wake up early in the morning

G       C    G         B7
Lift my head I'm still yawning

Em                          Am
When I'm in the middle of a dream

G       C    G         C      
Stay in bed, float upstream

Chorus :

G                    Am      
Please don't wake me no don't shake me

Bm               Am           Cmaj7
Leave me where I am I'm only sleeping

Bass riff :   A---------2------

Verse 2:

Em                           Am
Everybody seems to think I'm lazy

G        C       G             B7
I don't mind, I think they're crazy

Em                           Am
Running everywhere at such a speed

G         C      G         C
Till they find, there's no need

Chorus :

G                     Am            Bm
Please don't spoil my day I'm miles away

          Am           Cmaj7
And after all I'm only sleeping

(bass riff)


Middle 8 :

Keeping an eye

       E7                Am     Am/G 
on the world going by my window

Taking my time

Verse 3:

E7                             Am
Lying there and staring at the ceiling

G       C      G     B7
Waiting for a sleepy feeling

(Solo over second half of verse - same chords as earlier verses)


Another chorus
Another middle 8
Another verse - repeat first verse but swap first Em chord for E7 
Another chorus

End on Em fade out.

Chord Shapes:

 022000   x02210   320003   x32013

   Em       Am       G        C

 x21202   x24432   x32000   xx0211

   B7       Bm      Cmaj7    Dm7

 020100   3x2210   133211

   E7      Am/G      F

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Last updated: July 2020