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Piano music for Blue, Joni Mitchell

Transcribed for piano by Howard Wright

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There are quite a few tempo changes throughout the song. I've marked the sections with the most obvious slow downs, but you can follow your own instincts as well. The tempo is pretty free throughout, so just take the tempo markings as a rough guide and then go with the flow.

Left hand

As with many Joni piano songs, the left hand uses a basic root-5th-octave pattern for much of the song. Look at bars 2 to 4 (above) to get the idea. The chords here are G and Bm, and the left hand plays G - D - G for the G chord and B - F# - B for the Bm. This is the same basic pattern (root-5th-octave) but starting on different notes. You need to get your left hand used to this pattern so you can play it more or less on "auto pilot" - you only need to move it around to start on different notes.

There are a few variations on the idea - sometimes the pattern uses three rising notes (root-5th-octave), sometimes the 5th is added at the end to make a four note pattern that rises and falls (root-5th-octave-5th root-5th-octave-5th). Have a look at bars 9 and 10 on the second page to see the four note rising/falling idea.

It's a good idea to practise this four note left hand pattern, as it forms the basis of a large number of Joni piano songs. Once you've mastered this, you've already learned the left hand part to most Joni songs! Keep repeating the notes and try to get a steady rhythm. The first note (the root) is sometimes accented slightly to make it a little louder than the others.

Right hand

The right hand plays a mixture of triads and melodic lines. The rhythm of the right hand part is sometimes a little more off-beat and works against the fairly steady left hand rhythm.

Another common Joni piano feature is for the right hand to play different triads with the same bass note in the left hand. This gives some interesting and varied chords.

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