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Steely Dan: guitar tab and chords for Lunch With Gina, Everything Must Go

    Lunch With Gina - Steely Dan

    from the album "Everything Must Go"

    transcribed by Howard Wright
    hakwright (at) gmail (dot) com

This is a classic funky Steely Dan song, featuring some great understated 
guitar work. The harmony is defined mostly by the fairly sparse keyboard
parts, but the guitar lines and horns also have an influence.

The interaction of the guitars, sparse keyboard parts and the lively bass
creates a lot of interesting detail in the music, yet the arrangement is
still light and has a lot of space.

There's an interesting mix of the "neutral" 7sus4 sound with both minor 
and major tonalities throughout the song. In the verse, the keyboards
use a 7sus4 chord (using stacked 4ths), but the guitar and bass hint at 
a G minor sound, while the Fender Rhodes part throws in occasional G 
major triads! In the chorus there's a similar mix of 7sus4 and minor

There are some places where I've written the chords in brackets - this 
is where a chord is suggested, but the harmony is ambiguous. For example, 
in the intro and chorus, the guitar plays repeated G notes - the harmony 
is sometimes left unclear at this point (no chords), at other times the 
keyboard defines a Gm7 or G7sus4 sound.  

All chord shapes given at the end.


F7(vii)  Ebmaj7  (G)

F7(vii)  Ebmaj7

Cm9  F/Bb  Eb/Ab  C/F  G/C

After the Cm9 we really need Bbmaj9 and Abmaj9 chords (voiced as a stack
of 3rds), but on the guitar you just can't get this voicing, so the F/Bb 
and Eb/Ab are the next best thing. You could try Bbmaj7 and Abmaj7 if 
you prefer.

The final C/F G/C change is also awkward on guitar as it's difficult to 
get the change cleanly at the proper speed. It's probably better to
get a clean change by playing just the C-triad to G-triad part and
omitting the bass notes:  x x 14 13 12 x   ->   x x 12 12 12 x.
(If you're playing with another guitar/bass/keyboard, they can fill
in the right bass notes)

This simple C-triad to G-triad change occurs throughout the song, and
I've referred to it as the "C-G riff".  

Verse 1:

The verse has a nice contrast of guitar sounds, mostly playing single-note 
lines on top of the keyboard parts. One guitar has an aggressive, scratchy
sound, playing a simple funky part. The second guitar has a very clean 
sound, and plays very soft, simple blues licks, with some strummed chords
at the end of the verse.    

G7sus4                                               (C-G riff)
That must be her again she's been and rung my bell

That cool psychotic brain the one I know so well

G7sus4  (C-G riff)  (G7sus4)

       Dm11          G7           Cm11        F7(i)
So I'm nailed to the floor in the no-watching zone

        Bbmaj7     E9                 Ebmaj7    D7b5
There's about zero chance she'll give up and go home


     F9           Bb/Eb
This endless afternoon

Gm6add4                (Gm7)
  It started on the day I met her

F9         Bb/Eb   Gm6add4
Lunch with Gina is forever.

The Bb/Eb chords here are actually Emaj9, but asd in the intro you
can't get the full voicing to work on the guitar. I prefer the Bb/Eb 
sound as a substitute, but Emaj7 will also work.

I like the unresolved sound of the Gm6add4 chord, which comes directly
from the Fender Rhodes part, but if you prefer a simpler shape you could 
use G7sus4 or Gm7.

Verse 1:

(Chords as verse 1)

She's coming round the corner
her body's just a blur
I peel out like the flash
It don't mean boo to her
So I duck into Nino's she's barred from the place
the minute I walk out she's right in my face


          F9          Bb/Eb
She's got nothing but time

Gm6add4                  C/G  Gm7    
     No use in trying to be clever

F9         Bb/Eb   Ebmaj7  Bb/Eb*  Ab/A
Lunch with Gina is forever

Middle 8:

        Db/C   C
Now I'm in my apartment

    B/C             Bb/C
The blinds down the lights out

    A/C             Ab/C
The phone rings God help me 

        D7b5   Dbmaj7
There's nobody home

  Ab/G          G
I crouch on the carpet 

    Gb/G           F/G
Not breathing just being 

     Bb7         Ebmaj7(iii)
Like meat on the bone

Eb7 Abmaj7

Keyboard Solo

The solo section uses the verse chords, then uses the
first changes from the chorus (F9  Bb/Eb), then leads to:

Dm6add4                                     (Dm7)
I'm in a cozy booth, maybe my watch is fast

Bb/C              C                          
Another Tanqueray I'll wait till twenty past

G7sus4  (C-G riff)  (G7sus4)

(then back to the end of the verse section:)

    Dm11        G7          Cm11        F7
I'm about to go postal when she waltzes in

  Bbmaj7        E9            Ebmaj7       D7b5
I guess she's a knockout, hey where have I been?


    F9           Bb/Eb
The waiter never comes

Gm6add4                        Gm7(i)
God knows the service could be better

F9         Bb/Eb      Gm6add4   Gm7(i)
Lunch with Gina is forever

F9           Bb/Eb  
Coffee and a kiss

Gm6add4              Gm7(i)
   maybe later maybe never

F9         Bb/Eb
Lunch with Gina

Gm6add4    Gm7(i)    F9    Bb/Eb

(repeat and fade)

Chord shapes:

E  A  D  G  B  E      EADGBE      E  A  D  G  B  E      
x  8  7  8  10 x      x6578x      8  10 8  8  8  10     

     F7(vii)          Ebmaj7            Cm9          

E  A  D  G  B  E      EADGBE      E  A  D  G  B  E            
x  x  8  10 10 8      xx6886      x  8  10 9  8  8   

      F/Bb            Eb/Ab              C/F            

E  A  D  G  B  E      EADGBE      EADGBE      
x x  10  7  8  7      333xxx      x333xx      

        G/C            G7sus4      C7sus4                 

xx0563      xx5463     x3x341      xx3241      

 Dm11         G7        Cm11        F7(i)     

EADGBE      EADGBE      EADGBE     E  A  D  G  B  E
6x776x      x7677x      xx0574     10 x  10 11 9  x

Bbmaj7        E9         D7b5   or      D7b5        

x87888      x68766      3xx310       3x333x

 F9         Bb/Eb      Gm6add4        Gm7

3x555x      x6878x      x6876x       x0x544

 C/G       Ebmaj7(vi)   Bb/Eb*         Ab/A

8x666x      x3555x      x3444x      x3333x

 Db/C         C          B/C         Bb/C

x3222x      x3111x      x5411x      x4311x

 A/C         Ab/C       D7b5(i)     Dbmaj7

      less of a stretch: x545xx     x435xx

3x654x      3x543x      3x432x      3x321x

 Ab/G          G         Gb/G        F/G

6x633x      x6533x      x6564x      4x554x

Bb7       Ebmaj7(iii)    Eb7        Abmaj7

E  A  D  G  B  E      EADGBE   
x  x  0  10 8  7      3xx331

    Dm6add4           Gm7(i)

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