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Steely Dan: guitar tab and chords for Josie, Aja

    Josie - Steely Dan

    From the album "Aja"

    Transcribed by Andrew Rogers (original file)
    and Howard Wright (additions/corrections)
    hakwright (at) gmail (dot) com

This transcription is based on Andrew Rogers' version, which I got
from OLGA ( I haven't changed a lot as his original 
transcription was very good, though I have altered some chords and 
voicings, and written out more of the chord shapes. 

Andrew's original performance notes/comments are included at the bottom 
of the file; all other comments are mine.


The intro is split between two guitars on the original (one guitar playing
the lower notes, the other playing the high notes), but it works fine on 
just one. 

(the v characters in the tab below indicate where the quarter note beats are)

  v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v

                   C/F     F#7#9     D/G   Fsus2/Ab

  v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v   
  ~~~3~~~ ~~~3~~~  
(1/4-note triplets)



We're gonna break out the hats and hooters when Josie comes home

We're gonna rev up the motorscooters

                 A/D     G/C
When Josie comes home to stay

            D/G(i)      C/F(i)
We're gonna park in the street

Sleep on the beach and make it

A9                          G/C    D/G(i) C/F(i)
Throw down the jam 'til the girls  say    when

Em7                  D/G(i)         E/A         Em7
Lay down the law and break it when Josie comes home


     C/F(ii)     F#7#9(ii)  B7#5      Em7   C/F(ii)
When Josie comes home            so good

          F#7#9(ii)    B7#5         Em7  A9
She's the pride of the neighborhood

          Am7  D9        Gmaj7 Cmaj7
She's the raw flame, the live  wire

    F#7#9                       B7#9#5
She prays like a Roman with her eyes on fire


Jo would you love to scrapple, she'll never say no
Shine up the battle apple
We'll shake 'em all down tonight
We're gonna mix in the street
Strike at the stroke of midnight
Dance on the bones 'til the girls say when
Pick up what's left by daylight when Josie comes home


When Josie comes home, so bad
She's the best friend we never had
She's the raw flame, the live wire
She prays like a Roman with her eyes on fire

Instrumental break (2:15 - 2:31):

(no chords)

Guitar is doubled by bass and keyboard:

  v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v    v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v  

  v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v   

F#7#9  B7#9#5


(Same chords as for verse)




Guitar solo over Em7 to fade

Chord shapes:

N.B The four chords that come at the end of the intro (the first
four chords listed here) are voiced with three notes on the top
three strings and the bass note on the bottom string. This reflects
the chord voicings used on the original, but doesn't give very
guitar-friendly shapes! (On the original, the chords are played
on the keyboard anyway, not the guitar).

If you are playing with another guitarist or bass player, you can 
split the chords into two parts (triad + bass note) to make it easier.

All the other chord changes in the song work pretty easily on the guitar,
it's just the intro that is a little tricky. 

1xx010    2xx355    3xx232    4xx563

 C/F      F#7#9      D/G      Fsus2/Ab

You can also add a note on the A string and play this
F#7#9 chord as a barre chord: 24x355

x7x787    x57655    x35433    8xx787        xx5775

  Em7      A/D       G/C       G/C (alt.)   D/G(i)	  

xx3553    x05600    x07454    xx7997

C/F(i)      A9       E/A       E/A (alternative) 

E A D  G B E    E A D G  B E    EADGBE    EADGBE    EADGBE    
x 8 10 9 8 8    x 9 8 9 10 x    7x788x    5x555x    x5455x

  C/F(ii)         F#7#9(ii)	 B7#5      Am7        D9

3x443x    x3545x    x21233

Gmaj7     Cmaj7     B7#9#5	  


Andrew's notes:

On the record, those X/Y chords are almost certainly played as a standard X
chord on guitar, with the bass covering the Y note; the fingerings suggested
above are for anyone who wants to replicate the overall sound of those chords
on a single guitar.  And, incidentally, Laura Nyro was using major triads
with the fourth in the bass when Don and Walt were still playing frat parties
at Bard.

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