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Beatles: guitar tab and chords for She Said She Said, Revolver

    She Said She Said - The Beatles

    From the album 'Revolver'

    Transcribed by Howard Wright
    hakwright (at) gmail (dot) com

h = hammer on
p = pull off
b = bend
r = release bend

You'll need a capo at the 1st fret for this one, or just tune all
strings up a semi-tone (half step).

That means when the chords below say A, play a standard A shape 
(x02220) and it ends up sounding as a Bb.

(fret numbers given relative to the capo at 1st fret).

Intro riff :


What I have for the chords is :

 A         G    D                    A            G     D
She said           I know what it's like to be dead        I know what it ...

Basically it's these three chords for nearly the whole song, apart from :

              Em        A7               D           A7               D
When I was a boy          everything was right         everything was right

And that's it.

As for the instruments: one guitar plays the chords, with a cleanish sound.

The second electric plays lead parts which sometimes echo the tune, but this
guitar also plays the riff that comes after 'making me feel like I've never
been born'  :


So, with these two guitars you have bass - fairly simple stuff here, a lot of
root notes except for the 'when I was a boy' bit, where the bass plays on the
1st 3rd and 5th of the chords.

Add drums, and harmony vocals (nearly all singing in 3rds) and you've got it.

As a point of interest, check out the cymbals on the original. On the bit 
with the guitar riff (between verses) there seem to be a lot of loud
cymbals - a lot louder than the bulk of the song. Maybe they overdubbed 
extra cymbals here ?

It certainly gives it a powerful sound, and on the fade out too there's a lot
of cymbals.

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Last updated: July 2020