Time to let off some steam...

Here's where I give myself the chance to let off steam by sharing some of my thoughts on things that concern or annoy me. This will definitely do me some good, but I hope there will be items of interest here for other people as well.

"Dr" Gillian Mckeith

For those who are wondering "who is Gillian Mckeith" - you're lucky. For those that know, here are my thoughts on "Dr" Gillian McKeith and the dubious advice on diet and nutrition she gives. See also my separate page of Gillian McKeith quotes for some great examples of her "nuggest of nutritional wisdom".

Sprout nutrition and vitamin content

On a related nutritional theme, this page on sprout nutrition looks at the often misleading claims made about the vitamin content of the sprouts, and tries to the put the facts i about this so-called super-food in context.


Waste: it seems like such an obvious thing to avoid, yet we humans are without doubt the most wasteful species on the planet. We waste energy, we waste food, we waste the earth's resources and we are only very slowly waking up to the consequences of this. My page on waste only has a few comments and links to news stories so far, I hope to expand it more in the future.

Topics for future rants?

Last updated April 2011